Toronto Tinder, Bumble, Ok Cupid, Hinge, Headshots Spring 2020!

Aaaaaaand 2020 is off with a BANG! Once again I had a fantastic 2019 season (thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!), so much so, that I didn’t have time to update my blog a single time during the season!  Many of you have been contacting me via my Instagram page where I’ve been doing a much better job of updating images from shoots! My clients are really awesome, and I’m happy for the client connections I’ve made during the 7 years I’ve been doing profile shots!

I’m really glad so many of you are putting forth the effort to improve your online presence, which will improve (dramatically) the “hits” you get. Let’s face it, a poorly-lit cell-phone-camera bathroom-mirror-selfie just isn’t going to attract the quality person or client you deserve, and people simply skip over those profiles!

For $300, you will get a 2 hour session, with roughly 15-20 professionally retouched images, sized properly for various online uses. In that couple of hours, you can do up to 3 wardrobe changes, for a total of 4 different looks — this is CRITICAL for success! Snazzy, yes? Yes! I’ll also teach you how to work the dating apps like a boss!

Toronto Area GTA Dating Profile Headshots Jason Miles Photography Boudouir Sexy

Once you have the session done, you’re not restricted as to where you can use the shots! Why not freshen up your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, LinkedIn, Snapchat, & Tumblr while you’re at it?

Also, since I spent several years on the scene in the world of online dating, knowing how important up-to-date photos are, and how most people make a decision to contact you in the split second they see your photo, I myself paid a colleague good money to have my own dating profile head-shots done too — and had quick success! That’s putting my money where my mouth is!

I’ve included a few more samples of what you can expect if you book a $300 Online / Dating Profile Photo Shoot Session with Jason Miles Photography!

Toronto Area GTA Dating Profile Headshots Jason Miles Photography Boudouir Sexy

Oh and one last thing, not that it should matter (a photo is a photo, right?) but I am LGBTQ+ friendly — no judgement here ever! We are one race: HUMAN. I treat everyone with dignity and respect!