My guest-blogger appearance

In the photography community, MCP Actions is a well known and respected producer of high quality action scripts that photographers use in Photoshop to apply a stylized look to their photos.  This is how many photographers put “the look” to their shots, and “the look” contributes to their individual branding and identity.  You can have 2 photographers take the same shot, with the same exposure settings, and process 2 very different looks to the photo by running various actions and processing.

For the record, I like a very natural, clean, not-overly-processed look to my photos, and in that sense, they will stand the (taste?) test of time.  When people look at your photos 10, 15, or even 25 years from now, I don’t want them wondering what the heck I was thinking by over-processing your shots!

Remember tie-dye?  Oh yeah!  Cool at the time, but now? Feh!

But I digress.

Jodi Friedman, the head honcho at MCP Actions, posted a callout to photographers with respect to being able to capture good shots in low light conditions.  I won’t get too technical, on my response in this post, but after I posted my solution and backed it up with a before and after photo, I was asked to write a guest-article for her blog.

I was happy & honored to do so, and if you want to check it out, you can see the article here.

I also got a nice e-mail from Jodi stating “Hope to have you back again sometime.  People are already commenting on the Facebook page on how much they love it.

Thank you for having me, Jodi, and I’ll definitely be back!